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“We may go out with a whimper instead of a bang”— A Conversation With Dr. Scott Yenor

Late last month Nicholas Bartulovic and Josh Frey of The New Lyceum editorial staff sat down to have a conversation with Dr. Scott Yenor, professor of political science at Boise State University, to talk about the state of conservatism on college campuses (particularly in regards to the controversy which happened to him last semester), his involvement in classical education, and his recent scholarship and publication on David Hume.

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The Uniquely American Story of Peter W. Schramm: An Example of Why America is Worthy of Preservation

America is worthy of preservation. There will be many people who immediately point out its shortcomings, but the fact that we view these things as a problem and have the freedom to discuss them is itself indicative of what is good and unique about America. As the late, great Peter Schramm has been known to say, “You Americans invented freedom.” But is this really true?

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Dead Poets Society Should Trouble Any Lover of Liberal Education

The movie shows the problem of loving beauty without an understanding of what makes a thing beautiful. The Christian is able to love beauty because he sees in it a reflection of God’s beauty. Additionally, the Christian knows that he lives in a fallen world and does not expect life to always be beautiful but has faith that one day he will see a world with beauty beyond our imagination. He is therefore able to maintain hope and endure days that present him with nothing worth seizing.

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