The Cowardice of Donald Trump

As abortion has returned to the center of the public political debate in recent weeks, pro-lifers have rightly applauded President Trump’s pro-life remarks in the State of the Union address. Although it is great news that the President is using the power of his office to advocate the pro-life cause, it is saddening that it will likely amount to little more than empty rhetoric from another Republican politician with little intention of making substantial change on this issue.

The problem with President Trump’s newfound boldness on this issue is that it comes at a time when he knows perfectly well that no pro-life legislation has a chance of making it through Congress. It would be foolish to expect a Democratic Party tripping over itself to legalize infanticide to allow such legislation to pass the House.

This could work out fairly well for Trump and his Republican allies, however. We should expect national Republican leaders to continue to make a good show of bemoaning the evils of abortion and allowing us to resent Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats for halting progress on this issue. This will further endear Trump to the Republican base and provide good fundraising fodder for countless 2020 Congressional candidates. The one thing that won’t happen, however, is any meaningful change in our laws regarding abortion.

Although the public will rightly assign most of the blame for this tragedy to Democrats, the feckless cowardice of Trump and Congressional Republicans should not go unnoticed. For two years following Trump’s election, the GOP held majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House. If the Republican Party was serious about ending abortion, that was the time. Unfortunately, the opportunity was squandered. Two years went by with no meaningful action taken to curtail the systematic murder of millions of children. President Trump was willing to shutdown the government to build a border wall but quietly acquiesced to the continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood. This shameful failure should not be forgotten.

Now that the Democrats have seized back the Congressional majority that the GOP lacked the backbone to do anything with, Republicans have resumed their traditional roles as gentlemen losers, bemoaning evils they refuse to stop. Despite his attempts to brand himself as an outsider riding into Washington to “Drain the Swamp,” President Trump has learned to imitate the Washington establishment in their cowardly inaction on the most important social justice issue of our time.

PoliticsJosh FreyComment