Silence and a Still Heart

Silence is something we all need, but so rarely get in this busy, tech-driven world. In some way, we’ve even tried avoiding it – I realize how often I’ve gotten into my and car and immediately turned on the radio or plugged in my iPod for some music. Being alone and absorbed by silence is something we find almost abhorrent. Having the ability to talk and make noise, we feel the need to do so incessantly.

But in all this noise, all this commotion, we often feel lost. Alone. Why is this? Shouldn’t I be comforted by the constant noise, the newest song from Coldplay? Look to Fra Angelico’s depiction of the Annunciation above, and think of Mary’s actions before the angel appears. She’s still. She’s quiet, giving room for the quiet voice of God to speak. It’s when she’s absorbed in prayerful silence that the angel appears to her, not in the midst of the marketplace. It’s by nurturing a still and contemplative heart that she’s better able to hear her Creator.

Silence implies stillness, rest in a world of motion. Think of a attempting to build a house – it’s a little hard to put any foundation down when the ground is constantly moving. We need stability, and the ground to settle before we can start building anything permanent. So too the human person. We can only flourish and grow with ample time for silence and reflection. St. Josemaria Escriva puts it very succinctly, writing “Silence is the doorkeeper of the interior life”. If we wish to hear better God’s plan for us, we need silence in order to start building. Maybe keeping that radio off for five minutes when you first hop into the car is a good start.

If we want to echo Mary’s Fiat! to whatever God asks of us, we first need to be able to hear what He’s saying. While it’s not totally impossible to hear him in the noise all around, it becomes much easier when we learn how to still our hearts. This can only be done through practiced silence, through stilling the heart to hear God’s Voice. Communication is key to any good relationship; but that involves listening as well as talking. So with God; listening is key, and if silence is the doorkeeper to the interior life, what better way to start than by stilling the constant noise around us?

If we Christians are to be the counter culture, let’s start by showing the world how to be silent, how to be still. If we want to bring Christ to others, we can’t bring Him if we don’t know Him; and that takes conversation. Take example from Mary and learn to cultivate a daily period of silence before God, perhaps starting with the daily readings. And in doing so, we may hopefully become better contemplative souls in a world that has sadly forgotten how to be contemplative. 

Originally Published on Nicholas' Blog "Passionately Loving the World"