Limousine Liberalism Goes Mainstream

“Suburbs are the battleground in American politics. Republicans continue to increase their hold on rural America and Democrats continue to dominate the cities. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), when it was clear the Democrats would retake the House, remarked, “We’ve got to address the suburban women problem, because it’s real.” Karl Rove sounded a similar alarm at the Washington Examiner’s Sea Island Summit.

The new suburban problem defies the old logic of American politics, where we learned to expect the upwardly mobile to favor the lower taxes, limited government, and local control offered by the Republicans.

Instead, the “suburban problem” appears to be limousine liberalism gone mainstream. In the 1970s, limousine liberals forced busing while sending their own kids to tony private schools. They willingly paid high taxes that crippled small business, among other things.

Today’s limousine liberals have different policies, but signal their membership with similar hypocrisies. They define themselves by “values” more than by wealth, though they are mostly well off or, at least, better off than most. They bemoan the racism and other phobias in America while pricing the middle class and minorities out of their school districts; they drive SUVs; heat and air condition large mansions while worrying about global warming; they favor amnesty and open borders, benefit from its cheap labor, yet defer the costs elsewhere; they live family life in a pretty traditional way, but they are happy to embrace policies and mores that unwind the family for the less fortunate. Despite high levels of church attendance for themselves and their neighborhood friends, they worry that faithful Christians are sources of misogyny, homophobia, and patriarchal power, and they vote to undermine the role of faith in politics accordingly.”

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