A Time For Unity

There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and taking advantages of tragedies for political purposes. Maybe that isn’t the saying, but it could be. The rush to use a crisis to bolster a political advantage over opponents happens without fail. Were the shooter connected with ISIS, President Trump would have taken to Twitter to remind America how great his travel ban would be. This time, however, the shooter used a rifle to destroy innocent life. So, naturally, we once again are forced to hear the calls for increasing restrictions on guns.

In the aftermath of tragedy, Americans come together. Race, class, gender, sexual identity, and political affiliation are forgotten, in favor of unity against a common threat we all face: evil.

So following Hurricane Harvey, we saw volunteers lining up around the block. Following the Las Vegas shooting, we saw blood donors sky rocket to such a degree that by Tuesday, no more blood was needed! In the face of evil, heroism emerges and there are countless news stories of such heroism making their way through media outlets now.

I originally intended to write about why gun control would be useless and why moral posturing that holds lawmakers, who support a citizen’s right to bear arms, as morally complicit in Sunday night’s attack is nonsensical.

As I began writing, however, I was reminded that that can wait.

What is more important at this time is remembering that we are all united against evil. Oftentimes, during the course of political fights, we lose sight of that. Both sides agree that we should pursue the just policies, but are vastly divided over what policies are just.

When pure evil like the shooter in Las Vegas presents itself, unity is easy. Now is not a time to fight over what gun policy could have prevented this. Now is a time to pray for the victims, their families, their loved ones, and their friends. And to ignore those who would seek to divide us during this time of healing. The battles over policy can wait.