The Purpose of the New Lyceum

Reason alone distinguishes Man from all other life. By the power of reason, he can discern truth. A natural byproduct of reason is disagreement. Civil disagreement leads to discourse that destroys poorly developed arguments and nurtures those arguments that lead to truth. Sadly, our culture has lost the ability to respectfully disagree. Some people only want to converse with those who think like they do. Others believe that to criticize another’s point of view is to attack their character and thus avoid serious discussions altogether. This has impoverished the political and cultural life of our country, and an effort to revive public discourse is necessary.

The New Lyceum seeks to aid that revival. We will write on a wide variety of issues, and our authors may defend opposing sides on those issues. Our articles will be written as arguments. They will not belittle, and will aim to persuade those who disagree.

It is our hope that through this effort, individuals will find a place to make their arguments and engage with those who disagree with them. This will be a space free from the hypersensitive culture that makes thoughtful debate difficult, if not impossible - a “safe space”, if you will, for those who despise “safe space” culture. We recognize that those who question the morality of gay marriage are not necessarily homophobic bigots, just as we recognize that those who advocate for a woman’s “right to choose” are not necessarily evil, godless, people.  Here, such controversial positions should spark debate that leads to a mutual improvement of our understanding of the issues.

Our challenge to our readers: Think we are misguided? Correct us. Think our conclusions are wrong? Refute us. We are happy to publish quality pieces from anyone willing to engage in this discourse.

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