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The Gospel of Envy

If the 2016 Democratic primary is any indication, 13 million Americans today are ready to embrace the socialist label. What explains this fascination with a toxic ideology that’s responsible for tens of millions of deaths? American socialists appear not to care about the rising standard of living; rather, they seem to be motivated more by envy of the wealth and success of others.

Liberal Hypocrisy Comes Home to Roost

Senator Gillibrand may be suffering well-earned political consequences for her handling of the Franken matter. It is probably good that someone willing to deploy mob-like justice on anyone at any time is limited in her ambitions for higher office. However, this incident reveals that the champions of #metoo are erecting a double-standard. For liberals accused of sexual assault, they want careful, considered due process. For conservatives it is “Sentence first—verdict afterwards.”

Good and Mad, or Incoherent and Willfully Blind: The Deep Thoughts of Ms. Rebecca Traister

 Standing as a refutation to Ms. Traister is the paradox of female happiness: as women do better they are more unhappy and likely to be medicated.  More equality promises to deliver happiness for feminists, but it never does.  Expecting to achieve happiness through securing equality is like trying to achieve youth by resetting one’s clock: no amount of equality yields contentment.  Ms. Traister’s radical feminism, with its sterile understanding of what women should want, may do much to empower women, but it does not a little in making women angry about the human situation itself. 

"Studies Have Shown": Finding Frauds in the Age of Misinformation

The reality is that science, despite romantic notions of scientists and the infallible objectivity of the scientific method, is an industry. Academic promotion, notoriety, and profit all stand to be gained from research publication. Politicians, academics, environmentalists, manufacturers, and medical companies all have a serious vested interest in the outcome of scientific research, blurring many ethical lines. This year, in fact, a team of academics deliberately published seven fabricated research articles in respected journals to demonstrate the prevalence of political activism within the field.

The Real Fat Cats

Our elites know de-traditionalized men and women are more likely to have a high paying career, go on a payment plan for the newest iPhone, and wear the latest outfits featured in Vogue. The traditional mom, clipping coupons with her toddler at Walmart, or the dad who hasn’t bought a new suit since the 90’s, cannot partake in the same luxuries. Traditional lifestyles are bad for business, and our elites know this better than anyone.

Why #WalkAway?

If the Democrats want to entice voters away from Trump, then they have to adopt a platform that makes it clear we all have the same goals and can find a compromise on how to accomplish them. Then we won’t need a Trump to feel like our voices are heard and our friends and family aren’t despised. But until that time, Republicans will continue to vote red—even if that means voting for an incendiary like Trump.

SOGI Laws Are Coming for Religious Communities

Where SOGI is planted, those bold enough to continue in their faith face martyrdom—economic or worse. A Christian cakebaker, willing to serve anyone in love, but no one in ways that violate his faith, has been bankrupted, harassed, and faced years of public exposure in state and federal courts, only to be persecuted again when it all ended. Christian florists, photographers, adoption agencies, and others working in the sphere of public accommodations, will face a similar fate.

Multiculturalism: The New Bipartisan Mirage

Shapiro failed to capture the pivot Americans have made against globalization and multiculturalism, forces that dominated American politics until Donald Trump’s election. His deriding President Trump as a mere “populist” or  “reactionary” neglects the new American debate between globalism and the nation-state, traditionalism and secularism.

Tiger Woods and the Leftist Mob

In many ways, the election of Donald Trump occurred for this very reason. Americans in the “fly-over” states felt like they were being belittled by elitists on the coasts who held them in contempt. They saw a media that was dishonest and promoted political correctness and identity politics over accuracy in its reporting.

American Requiem

With the passing of Senator McCain, a towering figure in American politics hands the torch off to the next generation. Few men in the political arena have been as tested, and fewer still had the tenacity and courage to rise above the challenges.

Here's the Plan

Society is not some game of chess where we can move around each person like they are a pawn of the society’s objective. We must not forget that these “pawns” move with their own objectives. If we depart from the notion that each person is an individual with their own unique attributes and objectives, we can guarantee ourselves that only misery and despotism will quickly follow.

AMLO and Mexico’s Democratic Journey

Mexico experienced its biggest political change in a generation with the victory of veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the presidential elections. Latin America underwent a wave of left wing populism in the early years of the twenty-first century. This trend has ebbed in recent years with right-of-center governments being elected in Colombia, Chile, Peru, and  Argentina. But the Pink Tide may be belatedly hitting in Mexico.

Chomsky’s Civility

Civility in public life is a necessity for America. The brief euphoria of anger experienced in a shouting match is a selfish affair. It serves nothing but the most banal and tribal of our instincts, and harms the country deeply. While Buckley and Chomsky could not have been further apart, in a time marred by war, their willingness to calmly dialogue moved the national debate.

The Life of "Meh": Mediocrity and Misunderstood Greatness

The world of practical politics is all about the hustle of the moment; concepts of greatness elevate the thought of man above the general concerns of their time while simultaneously promoting virtues needed to persevere through the immediate epoch. This elevation in man encourages something higher in their life to strive for, separate from solely materialistic desires, thus understanding greatness as a crucial aspect of maintaining liberty in a society.

Wince and Repeat: Government Money and the Corruption of Higher Education

It seems the lesson to learn from the introduction of Title IV is that, when government tries to make college more affordable, college becomes less affordable. The lesson does not seem unique to education, but to human nature. The education industry, which has become a sausage cocktail of special interests, government money, and the youthful desire for a good time, does not provide the groundwork for good “student outcomes.”