A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?

We tend to associate children’s television with silliness, innocence, and make-believe. These programs are fun but are without any serious depth. TV for children rarely tackles heavy issues and does not elevate viewers because they are “just” children.

But there is an exception to every rule and in television that exception was Mister Rogers.

AMLO and Mexico’s Democratic Journey

Mexico experienced its biggest political change in a generation with the victory of veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the presidential elections. Latin America underwent a wave of left wing populism in the early years of the twenty-first century. This trend has ebbed in recent years with right-of-center governments being elected in Colombia, Chile, Peru, and  Argentina. But the Pink Tide may be belatedly hitting in Mexico.

Chomsky’s Civility

Civility in public life is a necessity for America. The brief euphoria of anger experienced in a shouting match is a selfish affair. It serves nothing but the most banal and tribal of our instincts, and harms the country deeply. While Buckley and Chomsky could not have been further apart, in a time marred by war, their willingness to calmly dialogue moved the national debate.

The Life of "Meh": Mediocrity and Misunderstood Greatness

The world of practical politics is all about the hustle of the moment; concepts of greatness elevate the thought of man above the general concerns of their time while simultaneously promoting virtues needed to persevere through the immediate epoch. This elevation in man encourages something higher in their life to strive for, separate from solely materialistic desires, thus understanding greatness as a crucial aspect of maintaining liberty in a society.

The Beauty of Soccer

The Spanish national team has perfected the art of having a long possession with a series of intricate passes leading to a scoring opportunity. At first glance, this play looks like a lot of boring passes. It is actually the patient artwork of a dominant team probing the defense for the perfect opportunity. A soccer fan watching this play will recognize the threat posed by each of the passes and will admire the teamwork and strategy exhibited by the Spainish

Wince and Repeat: Government Money and the Corruption of Higher Education

It seems the lesson to learn from the introduction of Title IV is that, when government tries to make college more affordable, college becomes less affordable. The lesson does not seem unique to education, but to human nature. The education industry, which has become a sausage cocktail of special interests, government money, and the youthful desire for a good time, does not provide the groundwork for good “student outcomes.”

Frederick Douglass’ Garrisonian Years

Frederick Douglass’ life and work highlight the best and worst of American history. Today, Douglass is generally known for his escape from slavery, but he was also a brilliant thinker whose writings are worthy of serious study to better understand slavery and America itself. His view of America changed over time, but his early understanding was highly critical of this country’s foundation, which he believed was linked to slavery, a sin to which he himself had been subject.

The Time and Crises of Today

We’ve all been there – talking with friends, colleagues, family, and the subject turns to how good people had it before us. We wish we had this president again, or that time of goodwill. Yes, we undoubtedly have ties to the past – we are creatures of time and space, after all. But there’s something important and worthwhile about being grounded in the present.

We Can't Forget Bobby

History has been kind to Bobby. It is easier to look back fondly on idealists who spoke of peace, tolerance, and understanding when war and violence dominate the current news cycle. Bobby was not perfect. In fact, he was a tragically flawed man, but he took what he had and strove “to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.” Bobby's mission is still as important today as it was when he died for it. The people together must strive for justice, love, and wisdom if they wish to continue the cause of liberty.

Italy's Soft Crisis

For the past few weeks a political crisis has been brewing in Italy with the potential to shock European politics; if it were not corrected, it’s consequences would have been far-reaching. But, last week, this conflict was resolved. How did this crisis come about, how was it resolved, and why was it so important?

The Corruption of a Noble Idea

The black man may not have been treated as a man by his white contemporaries, but the truth remained, even if the people had to undergo a violent conflict to adhere to it. The brutal lessons America learned through the work of Lincoln and the perilous Civil War were required for her to more fully adhere to its great creed that “all men are Created equal.”

MS-13 and the Imago Dei

While President Trump’s initial comment that members of MS-13 are animals could be explained as rhetorical flare, both his doubling down on the remark and subsequent defenses of his word choice ought be more directly confronted. All mankind is created in the image of God, a fact which confers inherent dignity and value onto every human being.

The Neglect of Classical American Culture

If we want to rise above the cultural wasteland that surrounds us, we need to acquaint ourselves with the best culture—some of which, would you believe, happens to be American! Acquiring an appreciation of our cultural contributions will in turn instill pride in our nation's traditions and values. It will give us an idea of how the culture of America fits in with the larger culture of the West.

Contra Senator Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders is at it again with yet another harebrained scheme. He has rolled out a plan to guarantee to every American a publicly funded job, paying $15 per hour, with an additional $3 for health benefits. The price tag on this proposed plan is around $450 billion dollars, or 2.3% of America’s GDP. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Sanders’ plan faces a multitude of political and economic hurdles. In order to fund this program Sanders calls for large tax increases to be levied on America’s top earners and the ever expanding bracket of who this includes.