"Studies Have Shown": Finding Frauds in the Age of Misinformation

The reality is that science, despite romantic notions of scientists and the infallible objectivity of the scientific method, is an industry. Academic promotion, notoriety, and profit all stand to be gained from research publication. Politicians, academics, environmentalists, manufacturers, and medical companies all have a serious vested interest in the outcome of scientific research, blurring many ethical lines. This year, in fact, a team of academics deliberately published seven fabricated research articles in respected journals to demonstrate the prevalence of political activism within the field.

The Real Fat Cats

Our elites know de-traditionalized men and women are more likely to have a high paying career, go on a payment plan for the newest iPhone, and wear the latest outfits featured in Vogue. The traditional mom, clipping coupons with her toddler at Walmart, or the dad who hasn’t bought a new suit since the 90’s, cannot partake in the same luxuries. Traditional lifestyles are bad for business, and our elites know this better than anyone.

Why #WalkAway?

If the Democrats want to entice voters away from Trump, then they have to adopt a platform that makes it clear we all have the same goals and can find a compromise on how to accomplish them. Then we won’t need a Trump to feel like our voices are heard and our friends and family aren’t despised. But until that time, Republicans will continue to vote red—even if that means voting for an incendiary like Trump.

SOGI Laws Are Coming for Religious Communities

Where SOGI is planted, those bold enough to continue in their faith face martyrdom—economic or worse. A Christian cakebaker, willing to serve anyone in love, but no one in ways that violate his faith, has been bankrupted, harassed, and faced years of public exposure in state and federal courts, only to be persecuted again when it all ended. Christian florists, photographers, adoption agencies, and others working in the sphere of public accommodations, will face a similar fate.

Audre Lorde, #MeToo, and The Cult of Feminist Hysteria

The #MeToo movement is a misogynist’s dream. The protests are hysterical; half-naked, disheveled women shrieking nonsensical slogans while slamming into objects, innocent bystanders, and each other. They cast themselves as perpetual victims in need of coddling and protection. They demand censorship. They are, in short, the living, breathing, screeching embodiment of every negative stereotype ever conceived about women.

Multiculturalism: The New Bipartisan Mirage

Shapiro failed to capture the pivot Americans have made against globalization and multiculturalism, forces that dominated American politics until Donald Trump’s election. His deriding President Trump as a mere “populist” or  “reactionary” neglects the new American debate between globalism and the nation-state, traditionalism and secularism.

Tiger Woods and the Leftist Mob

In many ways, the election of Donald Trump occurred for this very reason. Americans in the “fly-over” states felt like they were being belittled by elitists on the coasts who held them in contempt. They saw a media that was dishonest and promoted political correctness and identity politics over accuracy in its reporting.

American Requiem

With the passing of Senator McCain, a towering figure in American politics hands the torch off to the next generation. Few men in the political arena have been as tested, and fewer still had the tenacity and courage to rise above the challenges.

A Den of Thieves

At all levels of the Church we need a return to reverence and tradition, to restore our commitment to protecting the innocent and raising up the sinful. We must seek out the fruits of the Spirit in the Sacraments, and we must pray fervently—for good and holy priests, for selfless love of God, and even for the souls of the guilty, for we are called to love even them.

The Pope Did What?

To say that all teachings of the Church must be infallible is to misunderstand the nature of the Church, but to say that a perceived alteration of a non-infallible teaching given to the faithful constitutes a turn away from sacred tradition and the Magisterium does more harm than good.

Poland Is Not Yet Lost

On September 1, 1939, the German invasion of Poland began. In response, the allied nations of Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. Yet between Poland and her allies lay Hitler’s new German Reich, and the policies of appeasement practiced throughout the previous decade had allowed it to become an almost insurmountable barrier. As a result, the French and British armies would never end up setting foot on Polish soil.

Here's the Plan

Society is not some game of chess where we can move around each person like they are a pawn of the society’s objective. We must not forget that these “pawns” move with their own objectives. If we depart from the notion that each person is an individual with their own unique attributes and objectives, we can guarantee ourselves that only misery and despotism will quickly follow.

The Scouring of the Shire

We too are called out to battle. Where there is evil in the world, we must match it with grim vigor and steely determination. Like the Dúnedain, we too must labor to protect what is good and innocent, even if our numbers dwindle, even if our deeds go unrewarded.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?

We tend to associate children’s television with silliness, innocence, and make-believe. These programs are fun but are without any serious depth. TV for children rarely tackles heavy issues and does not elevate viewers because they are “just” children. But there is an exception to every rule and in television that exception was Mister Rogers.